Bassline appreciation


yeah offmenut are true dons, i’ve been to my fair share of their events and they’re certified stoopid

Some newer bassline that’s more in the 130 region:

pure face melting second drop on this one

Deadbeat UK - closely affiliated with OMN crew


this is etched in my mind:



I’m sometimes not sure what’s going on in UK but you just gave me a late summer hit …

“Why you comin’ home 5 in the morn’ …” … dum di dum … catchy tune :grin: :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Ya mums ya dads records reppin hard!

Captain Kirklees yes yes. Fucking savage. West Yorkshire massive bringing home the goods.

You throwing parties up near Leeds? Will require a creche service like.


Hadean = real deal. Stunning track that. These guys are on top of their game. Such an exciting scene




Would any of you guys happen to know if this compilation would count as bassline?

Considering it was released in the year 2000 it might be too early, but it has the name for it, so I don’t know.


It’s a bit early for bassline proper I think, it’s more the kind of darker bassier end of UK Garage. But bassline is very closely related to garage so you might get some similar pleasures. (Bassline is kind of an northern evolution of UKG that maintained as garage died away in the south of England I think? Away from 2-step garage and back towards 4x4, like the early American garage house records that the earliest garage DJs played sped up, and with a different bassline sound. I may be slightly incorrect in the details here).

Good compilations for bassline that I’ve heard are Supa Dupa, The Sound of Bassline 2, 100 Hits: Garage & Bassline, and Unknown To The Unknown have some compilations which have some bassline tunes called Tales From The Darkside, but you get all sorts on those. Sharda has also recently been doing a kind of sugar rush bassline style.

EDIT: Should be clear that the mix CD you link to will almost certainly be banging, loads of those tunes are fantastic.


Also, hope this isn’t spammy behaviour, but I did a mix which contains some of this kind of music (probs about 50% is bassline or is stuff with similar sound to bassline?). The early bit has some bassline-inspired house, but it gets more bassline-y after about 30 mins.


@str_apx yeah just got Sharda’s Champagne Circuits and wow.


There’s a couple from that in an upcoming mix! It’s interesting stuff, kind of has a strange avant-garde edge to it while being pure sugar rush bassline.


sweet! looking forward to hearing that mix :metal:


Here it is!


excellent selection bruv


:blush: thanks! rly enjoyed doing it. need to get some more garage tbh. particularly loved the interstellar criminal ones so want to try and get more like that. but that’s not rly relevant to the bassline side of things.


yeah same! it’s such great feel-good party music.