Bandcamp recommendations




didn’t have before, made one rn


found this artist from recommendation by the owner of Syrphe, a label that focuses on noise and experimental music from Africa and Asia


very nice thanks. have you heard about Josiah Steinbrick? If you seek for records like this, maybe go to his IG account it’s full of pearls of that kind.

He also put that record out last jan. 2018


cheers, thanks a bunch for the recommend. i’m enjoying that chill track. will check out his work.

cool to see John Carrol Kirby is on the same label :slight_smile:


I have two handles, for some reason. One for my own music and one for music I buy (I think I meant for it to be one account, but fucked up somehow).

Account for my music -
Account for music I listen to -


chiptune but very funky and with scratching! hip hop and jungle/gabba inside!



link to music i make is on there too :sunny:


For Basinski’s music lovers!


Been loving this one


Whole album is beautiful, but this might be the stand-out track.




Field recordings of non-existent places





Any label/artists that make house similar to Beste Modus label? Beste Modus is vinyl only and i’m much too inferior to own a good vinyl setup.

Might eventually cave and get a small setup and rip vinyls into mp3 or something