Bandcamp recommendations


Great release for Dub Techno HEADS!


Over 70 tracks and 10hours of great music!! between Ambient / Techno / Dub
for just 1€ - *****


I’d say within the last solid month I’ve become a Bandcamp power user; total convert, love everything about the app experience. @weirdoslam, I’m following you already but if anyone else wants to share their profile link, I’d love to follow you too! mine is:


House / techno


Where should I start with Off Me Nut?


There’s a bass line appreciation thread I’ll link you when I’m back on my laptop.

Phatworld Vs Squire of Gothos would be my first suggestion though. And the Off Me Nut All Star comps are a good intro to their entire roster.

Sorry, links will follow.


well having trouble but, Horizon Fire



Here’s my new EP on the BC, it contains unauthorised samples of both Marvin Gaye and Patricia Routledge.


Music For Sleep: Entirely Digital Collection
For ambient fans! Music For Sleep is giving his full digital discography at 90% off on bandcamp!


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Spaciousness compilation


Infinite Tape Loops by Music For Sleep


ain’t it a bit Basinskiish?


holy fuck this record is loud.




definitely in that realm, but still stands on its own from the few listens I’ve given it so far.

I’ll go ahead and recommend this on Bandcamp though I could pick many many other things, I do most of my music purchasing there:


i’ve been following her youtube bandcamp channels for a couple years. microtonal ambient stuff


This is ace.


@Lliesse @Daisuk @headlessghost @mr.shiver @png what are your BC handles?