Bandcamp recommendations


Yes I really enjoyed this release when it came out in the winter… a time when I really needed those tropical vibes.


big up off me nut records. off to balter festival this weekend and pretty much the whole cru is there. buzzzzin


Yes yes!! If smiley max is there and you see him tell him Bulgariana says hello


Man that festival looks good. Maybe next year


King Moot is a duo from Dorset who produce gloomy electronic pieces.


I know there’s already enough people hyping up Jlin out there, but if I’m being honest then Black Origami is the best thing I’ve ever paid money for on there…

Harder to keep track of free/name-your-price stuff but off the top of my head my fave is probably Trancework 2.0. So wrong yet so so right.


The serpentwithfeet debut album Soil is a blooming flower:


Luca Lozano’s Bandcamp output is killing it:


I’m a big fan of this label (I don’t know them personally just a fan) I buy their digital discography every now and then (it’s usually about £12) when they’ve had a lot of new stuff out.

I bought this on cassette the other day though.
Reminds me of early Leaving records stuff, would recommend for fans of Madlib etc.
Really nice meditative beats.


The Space Africa release :muscle:

I’ll recommend the Danish drummer duo Erna’s first release “Pan”. Such a nice take on percussion music. Get ready to be send to another dimension.


Just found this old one.

More info here


‘Dreaming’ and ‘Passtoral Vassant’
refreshing mood eyday facing the heat waves


Merv - Finest Dub Techno outta Copenhagen!



tuff enuff is a riot grrl and queer core label that does great compilations.


I recently bought 8ULETINA’S EUCALYPTUS, and that’s a great EP. Anything by Club Chai is stellar.


Beat Pharmacy - TIDES


Just bought a load of Thomas Ragsdale’s stuff. Really good modern classical/ambient. Loads of warmth feeling and mood in this


Great Record Label for Dub Techno, Ambient and heavy Dub Fans!!


One of the best ambient / drone EPs ever.
(apparently this post was laying in my drafts for a while? i don’t even remember when I tried to post this)