Alien dancehall


Ughhhh i knew i was going to love this forum and then to land on a thread about this <3

It’s been said, but the Duppy tape blew my mind also, and glad somebody mentioned DJ Python alongside this sound. The last Black Zone Myth Chant record has a couple of more club/dance ready tunes that fit into this thread I reckon. Really great.

Black Zone Myth Chant - Feng Shen


Equinoxx put on a great set at Mutek SF a few weeks ago! Held their own playing a full set of dancehall riddims to a techno audience, going nuts on the delay knob the entire time. At first it seemed like nobody knew what to do, and by the end the whole place was partying.

And as long as we’re posting The Bug tracks… this one off “The Pressure” really set the mold for me:


Vertex Chant, who did Skweee before as V.C., is doing some Dancehall-influenced sound now. Pretty interesting take in my opinion:

and I still :heart: this compilation


This thread is maaa shiit! :laughing::loud_sound: You guys post some cool music in here!


yes! time for my inevitable deep dive into this stuff. to echo everyone above, Equiknoxx’s albums have rewired my brain.

I’ve been rinsing this SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL RunComeTest EP cos it is heartrendingly beautiful


although I suppose this could just as easily fit in the “ambient from the dub spectrum” thread


I am quite partial to what GAIKA is doing


One of my favourites of last year

Also a sucker for the smoother stuff like this

edit: no idea how to embed them


Absolutely love that STILL stuff, their live show is great also.


haha awesome! that Champion Riddim is a massive hat tip to an old Q Project / Total science hardcore refrencing dnb anthem Champion sound


This thread! Going to be occupied today for sure, thnx y’all. Bokeh x Duppy bringin’ the heaters!


That Rukus tune is epic. I think I heard that on the NiceUp! podcast (well worth a listen to). Whatever I heard it on, I was in the kitchen cooking and got me wife in to have a kitchen skank.

Owch, there’s a tonne of remixes I’ve not heard though. Equiknoxx, Blend Mishkin, Mr Benn and moooar.


Saw him perform at Rewire 1,5 years ago, really really good live - excited to listen to this!


straight up flex dance usic but worth mentioning new hitmakerchinx today


bokeh x jay glass dubs muadness


Lady Saw version


Oh damn thanks for reminding me that Miro Tape exists. Wish I had grabbed the actual tape when it came out in April. 1000% more innovative than so much so called experimental music.


yeah I was late to this party, too. the tape is very good.


AAAAH I had forgotten totally about this album which I meant to buy last year. thankyou A.V thankyou fives!


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