Alien dancehall


thought it might be clip to start a thread for all the alien oddness danchehall (and instrumentals) about… (i would say related to/still distinct from FDM)

things like this to start

[YT][/YT] how do u embed :scream:???

or this


never heard of this before but sounds incredible :milky_way:


thanx, lookin forward to listening later,

i think traditionally dancehall / “caribbean diaspora electronica” (?lol) has always used some whacky /weirdo sounds and noise in its pallatte, heaps of the early south rakkas crew & dave kelly stuff touched on ‘electo voodoo’ vibes, and deffo all the new equiknoxx material. those mark ernestus versions definately giving some space to the sometimes crammed traditional 3min dancehall riddim format.

*could be totally wrong tho :joy: i’ve been wrong about heaps of stuff before


That Miss Red album is produced by The Bug, aka Kevin Martin from Techno Animal.

Really great stuff if you haven’t heard of him before.


That duppy gun tape is wild.

Pretty old now but I’ve always loved the Now Thing comp Mo’Wax put out in 2001ish, loads of extremely weird / spaced-out stuff:

DMX Krew put out some 7"s under the name Collapse Of The Wave Function at around the same time which are pretty fun & weird as well:


“Dancehall futurism” aka. the Equiknoxx fan thread. I love everything they put out and Bird Sound Power remains one of my favourite releases of the decade. As one of the lyrically averse, it also served as a great intro to the non-instrumental stuff that they’ve, and others, have been putting out.

I like the dancehall stuff that occasionally filters through Fractal Fantasy

and also the stuff DJ NA (Nguzunguzu) has been putting out with Diboss on Dise


This Merca Bae release is great and skirts the orbits of Dancehall and Reggaeton.


there’s so much dancehall/dembow about at the moment that tons of tracks could potentially slot in here

there’s a track on the new Mechatok EP called Flee which is actually the most ridiculous pop-tastic crystal-light banger, not really “weird” but just weird in context. would sound amazing with popcaan on it tbh

also this Orlando tune is similarly crystal-sharp and poppy:

cosign the Miro Tape - Bokeh Versions is where a lot of the “weird” dancehall lives atm eh

and yes, dancehall is weird by tradition - obv as spawn of dub it’s experimental at its heart – but i think it’s fair to say that the likes of vybz, popcaan, konshens etc are making tunes that chime with a mainstream pop vibe and the beats are fairly samey. they’re not hopping on an equiknoxx track


From a dark/Nuum’ perspective, this Kahn & Neek track from a few years ago felt like it could have been a big way forward but I heard very little that followed up on it.


Back in the day, Tiberbeat 6 had a great sub-label, Shockout, which released some monstrous stuff.


My listening tastes run far and wide, but dancehall will always be my one true love. Equiknoxx, Orlando, Duppy Gun, Low Jack & the Bokeh crew are all doing good things right now, but I’m still finding heaps of crazy stuff from all eras after years of digging/DJing at dancehall nights etc. This has been my jam today (embed??)

Xterminator, Fat Eyes, How Yu Fi Sey Dat?, Ward 21; lotsa wild stuff out there.


Well, not that much futuristic, but still cutting edge is this new the bug production for miss red (but y’all might already rinsed that):


man that dise release is dreamy


Would DJ Python’s ‘Deep Reggaeton’ count as futuristic dancehall?


I’d say yes. Those spacey chord stabs give it an interesting texture which is not ordinary, in my opinion. Minus the groove it would feel like a chillout DnB track.


my fav duppy gun track, Trevor Jackson plays it a lot

they have a pretty good BR too


Agree on wanting to hear more in the thread of “Backchat”. The Now Thing compilation mentioned earlier is great, but also seemingly way more “weird” to me than much of the newer pieces. I’d mention some of Spooky’s releases on Oil Gang and some of his recent sets - the rinse set with Killa P and Irah from like last month for one-as touching on this.


that 100knots deep tune is incredible!


listened back to BSP tonight – timeless stuff


I feel like this STILL album fits really well into “dancehall futurism”