90's House & Techno - Youtube/Discogs links


another Gemini mood to soundtrack a monday morning, first heard this on craig richards’ first fabric mix cd


It’s not 90s, but early 2000, DT did a magic mix CD for Back to Basics, which was my home turf in my early clubbing years.

It does have another 90s beast on there though. Live Your Life With Me. Credited to Corrina Joseph but really a Basement Jaxx production. A few shared elements with Fly Life but on a way deeper tip.


You’ve got me digging deep into my archives here.

DT takes on the Orb. Looking this up I noticed Adam Freeland did a remix that I now need to own. Ffs


The Stickmen / Strictly Rhythm / 1994
totally hypnotic


YouTube just threw a DT remix of Faithless’s classic Slava May that I’d never heard before either. Be picking up this bargain I think

Edit. No UK copies. Sobs.


Can’t very well have a 90s house run down without AvH involved.

Obviously there’s You Don’t Know Me.

But of the less obvious stuff, both off 2 Future 4 U

Both these are great. I love the start of Psychic Bounty Killaz where they kill a trance dj


The official version of this came out in 2000 so the original copy on white must be 90s.

This was DJ Sneak too. My memory is kicking in now, linking up tunes and artists.

See also, Can’t Hide From Your Bud.


Original Daft Punk pre helmet business, on the legendary Soma Records. There’s a few Soma Compilations, Soma 20 for example that are brilliant. Not all 90s, but all class house and techno.


Yes yes yes let’s build this thread!



I’ve no idea of readers exposure to house from the 90s. I’ve found it’s easy to assume people have heard certain tracks because they seemed ubiquitous.

Love this so so much


@n3ptun3 wow! hadn’t heard this remix, Paul Johnson is someone else who deserves a thread all of his own. so many amazing tracks




Jaxx are great full stop, but they have some awesome hidden gems.

This started off life as a b side back in 99 but landed, albeit in a shorter version, on their singles comp a few years back.

I loved all this Latin business. Still an ass shaker this one


yeah this bangs for real (although I much prefer their diva house inclinations over the latin stuff :grinning:)


Dreamatic - Audio Trip

dreamy house chiller!


@landreform love this, only picked it up last year when it got repressed.

check this one, also released by an Italian label around the same time:


A new Todd Terry release just dropped. Reminded me of this old favourite.

Some of my picks aren’t from the ultra cool end of house in the 90s. But I was 13 when this came out. I had this on cassette single. All the rest of my mates were listening to almost universally dire Britpop. I’m pretty proud of my 13 year old self for not going with the crowd.


I’ll admit I did have a copy of the Kula shaker album though…

The theme from Ibiza uncovered. I’ve still never been despite an adult life of dancing the night away