90's House & Techno - Youtube/Discogs links


Post your favourite 90’s House + Techno music - LPs/EPs/Unreleased…the best of the deep stuff…the freaky stuff…the classic stuff…the head melters…the basement up-enders…the psyche-menders

Hopefully this thread can be a go-to for discovery and discussion of this music







Sounds extremely familiar to Format - Solid session

Does anybody know if there’s a connection? Just curious…




My fave version of a true classic


A hidden gem


this is great =]

let’s build this thread



listening to Marcel Dettmann’s DJ Kicks mix this morning and this banger stood out


“Put ‘In Life’ on the turntable at the peak of a party and watch everybody go bonkers when the sub-bass kicks in a couple of minutes in. Jackin’ New Jersey stomper with a badass vox chop.” - YouTube commenter


Bruce Forest piano dub madness. Not from the nineties but 1988 so close enough.

NYC dance fanzine Love Injection did a sweet interview on Dublab with Forest a couple years back about secretly recording David Cole jamming to himself in a sound booth for the intro of this mix.


Wicked thread, with great tracks. Been on a 90’s Techno rabit hole for a while now. Really into the slightly faster stuff around 135-140 maybe bordering trance, it’s got such a great energy. Techno from that era is just so raw and has this amazing pureness about it. Best served in a warehouse type stuff. Here are a few tracks I’ve been running recently.


Just made a burner YouTube to upload this :space_invader:


I think the whole Earth & Nightfall album by John Beltran is a masterpiece.
Beautiful ambient/deep house, ambient techno, crossovers…


@deepdeers agreed! master at work