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Wonder how much break dancing owes to traditional Jewish dancing from Eastern Europe. The men get down on the floor and have a lot of similar moves. They syncretized somehow.


Came here to post techno viking, but I see it’s already posted, so let’s post another good one to some cheesy dubstep instead.

Cheesy music, insane dancing! I believe the kids call it popping.


Bump for all of us who forgot what dancing looks like. Time to start practicing again… Add some videos if you have time.


this shit doesnt get old lmao


Wouldnt be surprised, the roots of breakdancing being based in New York. Also Brazillian Capoeira was a huge influence.


When I was playing out regularly I was making heaps of footwork jungle hybrid stuff, and it was always the best when people randomly started footworking to my tracks. This was a big deal for me cos that sort of thing just isn’t meant to happen in Australia! Felt like everything in my world was connecting perfectly at the time :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah true footwork is a thing of beauty, and a rarity, like BBoy windmills or legit boogaloo 80s styles. IMO footwork is the last genre. Everything after is an Internet based melange of sampling, appropriating and jacking. Footwork is pure, Chicago, and authentically rooted in dance and spaces. Obviously it’s traveled now, but the dance is fucking raw and gorgeous. One of the final battle styles to emerge before battles became un-PC and safe spaces dominated the discourse.