555 Dance Styles Archive


can’t find a space to dance? find a quiet bathroom hahaha…these guys are having SO MUCH FUN…i’d call this locking/breaking/hip hop new styles…


dance like everyone is watching


yeah you can really see where footwork in many forms is a house and memphis juke hybrid at a higher tempo with less emphasis on the upper body


Seems like these are mostly all guys! Fun anyway though.

(Girls dancing in videos have always put me off dancing – so performative and attention-getting. I need to just blend into the crowd.)


ok some ladies im feelin’

Reina is from Japan and fucking beasts at battles

some smooth house ladies from Japan

Alesya goes in on this one…Summer Dance Forever is another great yearly battle, and a great way to see where house dancing in its many forms is headed…

…these two have fun with their playful interactions thought the battle…love seeing the conversation unfold as they dance!

to say broadly that all girls dancing in videos are performative and attention getting is a bit rude…i’d say its a certain self interested ego boosted type that does so, can be male, female, straight, gay, etc etc all non binary non pejorative nomenclatures…my two cents is that that’s what male directors used to screen and curate for male audiences and now thats dying off…cheers to the new era

Something to think about is that in the realms of battle dancers, hip hop, and competitive house dance floors, you were only given as much space as your skills showed you could command. A big part of being a conscious dancer is knowing your surroundings and not flailing into others, especially if you’ve been drinking. this is something experienced dancers FEEL in a crowd - who is spatially aware and where the pockets they can dance without being bumped, stepped on, or simply crowded out. Egos in olden days of dance were necessary for carving out that 3x3 foot space in the front left you would fight for all night. sweat equity. respect. love. and of course music.

i hope other people can start posting more videos too, don’t want to saturate the thread with only mine…


Ejoe is a legend, been dancing and teaching house since the 80s

he was one of the first NY guys to go out to Japan and start teaching hip hop and house dance in '89

pretty sure Hiro was one of his students, two great battles, the master and the apprentice…

i think Hiro wins the first one, Ejoe definitely gets in his body on the second

two amazing dancers with musicality and fundamentals and lots of body awareness


at the risk of taking this too seriously…any dance is good dance. do you.


fuck fortnite for co-opting dances like this

this guy is amazing. this is how you keep a dancefloor vibe inclusive (if you’re a technoviking).

guessing this is love parade Berlin


ok i said ill get into jungle/dnb/skank but first i wanna go back to my roots

i started raving in '03 and liquid was the style

this music is coming back into fashion so hopefully some dancers can learn up too


Thanks for these!

Yeah, I realized after I posted that that was a reductionist thing to say. I was referring to my perceptions of dancers in MTV videos as a kid, long time ago. My own loss as a child to have focused on the objectified women in male-produced videos rather than to see all the great creative performers. C’est la vie.

Totally different from these fantastic dance videos you’ve been posting!


no worries, the game is constantly changing, and our perceptions and opinions change alongside it. cheers to fluidity.


some dance documentaries

this doc transformed hip hop and house dance when it aired in the 90s on PBS

doc focused on the body featuring legendary house dancers

THE voguing documentary, very entertaining!


lofting, a style derived from floorwork at The Loft parties in NY


Wiggles is an OG from Rock Steady Crew, rocking a style called tutting


modern House styles


reggae skank

if you’ve never seen Bob dance…you’re welcome

that suit tho…

Dad’s still got it

join us! join us! join us! Ras Choreo!!!


jungle / dnb dances, all i could really find are more modern jump up styles, less fluid than older moves

i guess this is older jungle, i wouldn’t really know…

this kid has some flow, but this type of dance is SO much more powerful when its a room full of sweaty steppers at 3am

best one i could find, notice her synthesis of liquid styles above with skanking and spins, even a bit of popping, she uses her arms and shoulders too, unlike the other above dancers…this is more old school 90s style to me, but i wasnt really around then, just learning from my elders…girls like this would melt me in a warehouse lol so much fun


this guy…1992ish


i don’t always like it, but i respect the work put in…they call it cutting shapes, i call it more of a house shuffle…its sorta like music genre names who fucking knows anymore, its house influenced

but this kid gets doowwwwnnnn


A dance from East Oakland, California…called turfin’

Story behind this one is that it was a dance in memory of a friend that was murdered. You can see it in their movements, emotions, this is some real East Oakland escape the stress of the streets through dance shit.