555 Dance Styles Archive


Electronic music wouldn’t be where it is without the dancer.

This is a space for any dance videos that inspire, interest or intrigue.

Feel free to post questions about technique, style, and evolution.


First up, Memphis. Chicago and LA owe a big debt to Memphis Juke, also known as Memphis buckin’


meanwhile Chicago was rockin’ these styles


LA Crips made Memphis Juke into the C Walk

and it eventually evolved into this in the 2000s and adapted to house

(this guy is Japanese but to me has an LA/West Coast Style)

more of this Japanese stylistic reinterpretation…


New Yorkers, meanwhile, began with the breaks

tossed in some ballet and smooth Mephis, Chicago and Afrorican styles

and made it fully their own

house dancing in NYC has always been much more Hip Hop influenced as a result


I’m generalizing of course so feel free to add details!


also this is how the kids in Manchester were creating styles all their own much before these other vids


Annnnd 31 years later you get this

it’s a beautiful culture of dance we’re a part of! respect to all the dancers and music makers!!!


…then…theres GABBER


next week I’ll tackle Drum n Bass, Skanking, and Jungle…unless anyone wants to beat me to it…u kids on the other side of the Atlantic probably know it much better than i do…


OH boy I love these dances… I need to start practicing though.

You dance much Nickecks?


yep, going on 8 years now…mostly house and hip hop styles


amazing videos! now i’m jealous … maybe i should try to learn some basics … :smiley:


8 years ago I started bobbing my head to dubstep and imitating all my friends who could actually dance and just kept at it at least once for twice a month…if you can walk you can dance, find a dark corner and wiggle like nobody’s watchin!


luv this thread so far :clown_face: :sparkling_heart:


Any resources to learn these moves?


what a gem this thread is. I always found it weird that I’ve never ever really felt comfortable dancing (kind of “meh this is okay”) at best but I’m really really interested in music that’s deeply tied to some kind of dance culture.

Also, seeing the differences between the NYC/Chicago styles of house is way cool. Living so close its easy to forget how hiphop kinda steeps its way into everything.


This guy is legit


never taken a class but that’s an option…plus he’s from the BAAAAY AREAAAAA so i rep him


since yall are loving the house vids here’s a few more

3 generations of house. NY Styles…

Brazillians…these guys are having FUUUUUN!!!

same dudes, Juste Debout is an amazing dance competition that occurs in France yearly


the foundation is house but the innovation is African, Brazillian, Jamacian…watch your speakers on this one, the audio is harsh