555-5555 community on Spotify


just fyi…created a public, collaborative playlist for everyone to contribute to and enjoy. idea would be to add some standouts for the releases that get discussed here.

the only rule is that it needs to be better than four tet’s playlist…


@PFR you may add whatever you like to this playlist. I made it but I don’t own it :slight_smile:


haha, especially four tet’s emoji game!


hey everyone! just a quick check-in with some PL housekeeping tips…

love that people are starting to follow the 555-5555 Community PL and I see that some of y’all are even contributing trax…very promising/heartening…hope everyone is enjoying it so far!

if you do feel compelled to contribute, I would (gently) suggest adding only one track per artist/release so to avoid weighting the PL too heavily with one style or sound. want to emphasize that I LOVE that you all are taking part but let’s not get carried away :wink:

much love <3


This is awesome! I was about to make a post and create a playlist similar to this, but I am glad I searched before!

edit: this isnt exactly what I was thinking it would be, I think I still am going to make a user playlist thread that everyone who makes music here can add their music to.