Discogs group to share collections?


Anyone up for creating a 555-5555 Discogs group to share our collections?

555-5555 community on Spotify

I would be down af for a communal spotify playlist


Me too! would be cool


word. let me know if this link works and add what you want…


How did this change from Discogs to Spotify? :smiley:


Yeah. Big fan of Discogs not of Spotify here


Public or private group? I would go for private to tie it to this forum maybe?


@tunka great idea. I’ve been updating my collection as of late (https://www.discogs.com/user/finetouch/collection).

I’ve also been digging this group lately https://www.discogs.com/group/90


I saw that no one had made on yet so I went ahead and put it in motion.
I think it should just let y’all click to request in, hopefully. If not, I’ll just open it up.
@tunka let me know if you wanna be an admin as well


Sure, that would be nice, thanks :slight_smile:, it’s ‘tnkflx’ on Discogs :slight_smile:


it says “invite only”. although I don’t spend too much time on discogs these days I’d like to join. my handle over there is noycelill :slight_smile:


You can add me, as well: circuitflow


did this ever take off on discogs? would like to get added too please… ‘‘atlasroamer’’ on discogs :-]


Done & done. Invites sent. We’re still small :smiley:


I hope this isn’t a dick move, but I’m going to have a big vet bill coming and so selling a few bits, mostly cassettes from the last couple of years - Micachu, John-Powell Jones, first couple of New Atlantis tapes, if anyone is able to give them a good home.