ZULI // All Caps (UIQ)


Zuli utterly smashes it with this one. Pumping rough n ready jungle breaks, footwork stylings overlayed with noisey ass loops and distorted bass and peppered with electro chaabi vocal snatches. Bloody top EP!

For my pick for best track im going with ‘Where Do You Go’. Need to hear this one up loud :slightly_smiling_face:


very legitimate and very modern !


I gotta scope this out, every release I’ve heard from UIQ has been worthwile. Thanks for the reminder!


No worries, get onto it for sure! UIQ 100% delivers the goods again on this one


Already sent this to a couple friends! holy hell. this is worth some serious study to pick apart how the breaks are chopped


Absolutely! It’s kinda like how you hear breaks cut in super old school jungle techno tracks. I dig it a lot


yeah exactly. for whatever reason i will just always love that vibe. probably heard it at the right age where it kinda stamped itself into my head permanently.