Young Echo // Young Echo (Young Echo Recordings)


It was released earlier in the year and I believe has already been repressed. I’m totally smitten. A collaberative out of Bristol. At 24 tracks it’s a big old beast, but some of these cuts are just amazing. The production is amazing, it just leaps out your speakers at you. I just ordered this on vinyl. They cut it to 180g vinyl. Daft. Don’t care though, properly love this.


I love this record…it bleeds Bristol.


yh i rate the collective, some of ossia’s work especially - looking forward to the soon-come beb album. jabu’s version of seekers’ bwoy test is persy too.
i’ve only been to bristol a couple times, so can’t comment with authority, but it’s acknowledged that the music is often distinct, separate.
not sure that i’d consider this record totally coherent, track wise, although that’s a quality that’s sometimes overemphasized imo.


I need to look up some of the associated work. I’ve listened to Rider Shafique’s I-dentity which is aight.

I’m definately an album listener, and I agree, it’s definately not coherant in a traditional sense, but there’s a feeling that runs throughout the entire thing that does tie it together. When I’ve listened to it, it’s always been start to finish, so in that respect it’s working as an album… or else I just cba to skip it about/only listen to a few favourite tracks from it.


Vinyl just dropped. Wow 180g carries some heft!! Can’t wait to get this on tonight.