Woods Music (nature tunes)


Post music that connects you to nature. Please.

Personally, things that have dense harmony or messy scrambled high frequencies tune me into nature the most. Some by appropriate association with nature docs and others for an unknown reason.

(this makes me think of nature I’ve never experienced… The closest would be the French Alps but it feels like it is farther from bureaucracy than that)

Sections of this is like scrambling the through overgrown wilderness, on an epic journey, escaping from an asylum. Really feel nature in this.


This was weird cause it was like a nostalgia for a sentimental feeling about a simulated experience of nature in an unnatural setting


these and their album remind me of the rain-soaked Scottish high-ways, beaches and forests that i saw in the movie Under the Skin.






Rural 80s womb



reminds me of a cattle market. Industrial rural



Moor sky


Green | KAINA


this post stuck with me for a few weeks. it took me a long time to think about it. i don’t really connect with nature over music directly. mostly, i find nature as a place of healing, and something to be protected, understood, etc. so musically, what connects me with nature, is what feels like healing, protection, understanding, etc.

something like that

on another note, when you want to talk about the origins of music for our species, many historians theorize that it came from sounds found in nature. the sway and creek of trees in the wind, the chime of wind against various hollow surfaces, the sound of the brush and your own steps, the beat of your own heart. it’s kinda cool to think about


Actually been thinking to record some conceptual mix close to the nature tunes you describing. Ofcouse everybodys interpretation of this is different. Couple tunes i’ll probably include



That Iannis Xenakis piece is wonderful. Rly like this thread idea.

This one reminds me of fishing with my dad during the summer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGuzZPZFTdw


Wow, wonderful thoughts. I think many of the pieces that most remind me of nature do so for the reasons that you’re talking about in your second paragraph. For me personally, the character of the music brings about the feelings that you discuss in your first paragraph if that makes sense.

For example, in what I posted above, the imperfect repeating phrase reminds me of the feeling of being in a small fishing boat gently being rocked up and down by rolling waves on a warm summer day. The small flourishes that come in the second half of the piece remind of seagulls in the distance, or maybe the wind whistling through objects in the boat.

All of those things come together to bring me the feelings that I experienced during those times as a child on that boat – tranquility, happiness, and a overarching sense of peace.


One album that really exemplifies the idea of “nature music” is Sea of Trees from 2012.

Found out about this back in 2018 after being obsessed with Synkro’s discography, and then found out he had a collab project as Kiyoko with Bering Strait. Organic, lush, and lovely. I guess the characteristics which nail the whole nature aspect is the use of field recordings and the imperfect nature of the LP itself - “[Synkro & Bering Strait] set about writing an album purely from old analogue gear, circuit bent kids toys, guitars and samples from old vinyl”. Sounds incredibly timeless.