Who do you suspect lurks here?


Let’s face it, this is a pretty niche forum so there must be some infamous DJs lurking and reading posts to see if we are talking about them (Call Super and Martyn?).

Does anyone know of anyone infamous on here that posts on this forum?


patten :stuck_out_tongue:

naw but imo let’s respect their privacy instead of tryin to find em out, big names or not its all about the discussion rather than the status of the folks reading


well, Simon Reynolds did sign up to defend himself on the HCC thread. not a DJ but a known entity nonetheless.

(also, “infamous” means you’re well known for doing something bad…I think probably you just want “famous”. unless you’re referring to their habit of terrorizing the dancefloor, dropping toxic bass bombs, then sure…) :slight_smile:


Avery is Burial
(I called it first)


i fucking wish lmfao


Came here to write Burial.


At the initial boom of the beginning of the forum when it was advertised throughout Twitter / other social medias, a lot of producers I know and rate joined in. Many haven’t posted anything yet but I see a few lurking about.