When The Smoke Clears(A Rap Thread)





Was going to post some Westside Gunn/Conway/Benny the Butcher stuff cuz I’m from Buffalo NY & its crazy to see tha 'Lo getting on the map like the level Griselda has achieved, but… I see some of y’all are already on it

so… some other dope Buffalo rap shit - this city got it covered

( ^^^ plug 4 my own shit, tbf only a living room recording, but, like, we real people, so there’s that)

Pseudo Intellectuals the old school diggers … (Scott Down needs to be in this conversation as well)

these 2 mcs absolutely captivate the live show vvv

parts filmed @ the Peace Bridge w/ Fort Erie, CA

14 Trapdoorz for the trippy mandem vvv

Buffalo got amazing producers like Cee Gee

shit u kno itz fire stop pppplayin bruv! vvvv

the new generation on that Anti Gun Violence

Blue Collar Funk in full effect. vvv

to bookend: Gunn & crew still seems like the biggest resonance - so praise where it’s due - to me, this video is the originz of the emergence - & fish fry is huge in B-Lo y’all but there’s just an earnestness to this video that makes u know - an older one, b4 Hype signed on



yoooo this is a full dose thank you :pray::pray::pray: