When The Smoke Clears(A Rap Thread)



Not enough french contemporary rap
allow me

also this dropped on Planet Mu






Vince Staples is great. Just posted that without seeing it was already here! :upside_down_face:

As for the the video… Lol wow


watch some of his interviews if u get a chance dude is razor sharp…


the future


nice lil think piece on his work


I saw Brockhampton last Wednesday in LA, at the Shrine Expo. It was so,so sick. Definitely one of the most peak experiences of my life. I was almost at the very front when the concert began, so the first 10-15 minutes of the concert had me dying, almost fainted. I’ll upload a snippet of it sometime soon.


awesome, Shrine is a good sized venue to catch them too…those boys bring some energy, i’d love to see them or Travis Scott or Denzel Curry live just for the pure experience of a drop in that type of crowd…


this is in the running for my favorite rap song of all time


That video is so real. It feels like really being there with them. Loved watching it :slight_smile:


Someone’s gotta post this new Earl Sweatshirt -

Unbelievable tune.


unbelieveable album! i knew i’d get into him someday, and this is the album…feels like some golden era DOOM but also all Earl.


hip hop in its multi elemental pure 90s form. classic.




when he starts to mature and make deep ass videos

thats when ICE raids…:roll_eyes:


Been (inconsistently) following 21 since mid 2016. Didn’t listen to Issa but his newest album has so many peak tracks.

I didn’t know J Cole was in ‘a lot’ initially. I thought “yeah this sounds alright and it has a good flow and it fits in well, regardless of how many people think he’s a cheeseball” until I read the lyrics and he’s like “pray for Tekashi” … :confused: there’s not much good to come out of justifying it as well, even considering what he said about it himself.