What weird/intelligent/artistic video games are you playing?


A good friend of mine who is a coding whizz and general authority on great independent games recently coerced me into playing and subsequently finishing the game Inside. After not gaming for 8+ years, my mind completely blown. I then took his and my other friend’s suggestion to play Hypnospace Outlaw.

(Here’s a review for anyone who isn’t familiar: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/game/hypnospace-outlaw/

And a link to the game’s Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/844590/Hypnospace_Outlaw/ )

Hypnospace was so incredibly hilarious, nuanced, intelligent and fun that I’m just craving something to play next.

Is there anything else in the world of independent games that you’d consider a “must-play”? The only thing I have on my itinerary right now is Kentucky Route Zero.


Power Shovel for PSX


@bths80 I was also going to rec the witness, god I fucking love that game.

Undertale could be a good option as well. Really cool concept and fun gameplay imo.


Completely hooked on Dreams on PS4. It doesn’t really get any weirder, artsier or creative®. :slight_smile:

Here are a couple of things I’ve made in it so far:

Nothing spectacular yet, but the potential is flabbergasting!


@Rubberduckdebugger Just bought hypnospace outlaw and hoooly shit, really enjoying it.


Minecraft. Started this world yesterday. For me it’s kinda chill and relaxed workout in design when I want to do something creative but don’t feel like making music or something serious. And it goes pretty well with ambient or noise in background.


got BOTW running on CEMU. my machine is trash so only getting like 30 fps. would like to cop it on switch when i eventually get around to purchasing the system



@wirejunk minecraft is so dope.

I got obsessed with Minecraft earlier this year and finally caved in and bought it in May when it went on sale for its 10th anniversary. I spent a lot of time in my first world building an elaborate system of bases and connecting them through a transit system of minecarts and powered rails.

1st and 3rd pics is when I gave my brother a tour of my world. 4th pic is an outpost (forgot where it is now) for a mining expedition.

When building bases, I try to preserve as much of the original landscape as much as possible. I called my first base Flower Fortress because it’s located in a flower forest and the flora is still very much preserved.


so I know I’m late but I just started no mans land on my ps and it’s all I want to play lol. The resource grind isn’t boring and the main campaign seems compelling. Anyone else play?