What’s your bag?


New to the site, I’m trying to get a feel for what other people on here are into. Coming from a DnB past, I was a big fan of Dogs on Acid and DnB Arena back in the day so pretty excited to have a new forum platform open up. My music taste has naturally branched out to more types of experimental synth based electronic music, Floating points, Caribou and Four Tet being the big hitters, Nils Frahm, Midland, Solomon… a bunch more but always searching for new music…


hey simon, welcome. my bag is full of lotsa the same stuff as you, love fourtet, floating points, anything out of the plastic people scene. lately im loving move d’s stuff, lots of Workshop releases that have a sort of psichedelic wonky chill house, also harder techno by blawan, pom pom, phase fatale, and the Osgut Ton crowd. Also Whities, which seems to split the difference between those two, for me. Huge Hip-Hop fan, loved Madlib and Freddie Gibbs’ Bandana and all of both of their back catalogues. Also Moodymann, Theo Parish, Carl Craig and Waajeed that soulful Black Detroit sound. DJ Koze, Dj Healer/Traumprinz/PrinceOfDenmark, and Avalon Emerson also rank high for sets. On the R&B side I’m loving Solange, Frank Ocean, and James Blake. Guilty pop pleasures include Grimes, Charli XCX and Kylie Monogue. Also a sucker for that campy gay house that comes out of Chicago, Chrissy, Eris Drew, Black Madonna, OctoOcta and DJ Spinna rank high for that style.

Love me some DnB / Jungle but never got deeper in terms of digging, Goldie and Congo Natty were starting points and I always have a hard time following artists but love to dance to it and go to weeklys when I get down to San Francisco or Los Angeles.

Have fun, enjoy the threads, theres lots here.


Thanks mate, yeah definitely on the same vibe will check out some of those other artists. Great Forum!


Hi, yes I am into similar stuff. I am particularly drawn towards empty grimey weird but subby… Rabit and Rico Dan I particularly like today, boylan - dragon fire and loads of Dean Blunt ( I know different tip but I had forgotten about him a bit)…


Love Dean Blunt too! The Babyfather BBF mixtape was something else, I go back to it a lot. Also, not sure if you’ve seen his appearance in a Panda Bear vid after he lost his fucking mind.

It’s incredible.