What Music is Getting You Through The Quarantine?


Obviously we all have a lot more time on our hands these days - just curious, what gems are you digging out? what have you gone back and given a second listen to?

I’ve been listening to lots of late 90s early 2000 hip hop

also lots of Moodymann

and of course, Reggae

This one is a gem i forgot about


Cant find much that really hits the spot. Too fragmented.

“Give me five feet all across the world” goes on repeat inside my head . . .

THIS is MAD I hope more people can get their shit together and stop squabbling for position, and instead see that this is something no one knows how to handle. Fighting just wont help!


These guys mix of The Streets/Pet Shop Boys/wistful club music makes me miss London so bad, but in a good way. Giving me something to look forward too; when this shit is over…got to keep making memories.


Been listening to a lot of Drain Gang / Sad Boys stuff since late last year.

In terms of actual music purchases, I’ve been buying a few dubstep 12"s online and leaving them on reserve.


@spiro i agree, i feel very fragmented too. i’ve been seeking tunes that have a darkness to them, something that is sometimes dystopian, sometimes bass heavy, sometimes hypnotic or warrior like in its lyrics. dub reggae is consoling, but sometimes too stoned and not sober enough for these times. there’s just so much to process these days and i cant find music yet to do so, fully.

@cossrooper thats a great track, the nostaliga does touch on something, when scenes felt like communities and not comments back and forth. its heathy to reminisce on the good nights out.

@Yung_Dave ive actually had Creep Creeps on repeat lately, that “im workin on dying” haunted church downward spiral feels prescient

tonight i came into an old favorite that touched on something.

i think its gonna have me on a dub techno / chill psytrance kick, something wintery and viral.

cheers to music, the ancestral medicine


I’m listening to a lot of DJ-sets lately. At frohfroh, a local music blog I’m writing for, we collected some mixes and radio-shows mostly related to the Leipzig scene. So if you’re very bored and want to check this out here are the links:


Also we started a series where we present local DJs. Here are the first three articles including mixes:


It’s all in german but you can skip the words of course :smiley:


more than 15 year old dubplate finaly out. And more on point now than ever



had the last 3 tracks on this thing on repeat forever


New K-Lone album is so damn good. Probably deserves its own thread…