What is going on over at Berghain?


Earlier this year, both the label and booking agency associated with Berghain, Ostgut Ton and Ostgut Bookings, closed. Now there are rumors that some owners “don’t feel like it” or something like that and that it might close by the end of this year.


For it to actually close in the next 2 months seems extreme and unlikely, but some reshuffling is definitely going on over there with the label and agency closing up.

Hoping for the best! Hard to imagine this landscape without the monolith in place.


It’s really hard to run a sex club with Covidian fear fumes emanating everywhere. I think the thrill is gone and Berlin is finally gentrifying to a point of restructuring the rules and regulations around hedonism. Sigh, Solve et Coagula…


ngl i really think if berghain closes down the rent might get lower and judging the way things are if somebody gotta take one for the team hey it do be like that sometimes


@functiondownload to berghain rn


FYI the rent rarely gets lower, esp in the era of decentralized finance. Tech has its claws in Berlin, unless that bubble pops it’s gonna keep creeping up…maybe in 5-10 years time tho. The beauty of Berlin is that there is more housing than demand. What drives it up is now there are hip centralized neighborhoods cus hipsters trust funders n techies. But you can still squat a flat in the outer realms…weird time for raves in general, parties suck these days, I’m taking it as a sign to work on mixes n make music rather than go out. Shits gonna be weird til 2025 at least IMO…Babylon systems


bruh what? :skull: u in 2005 or sumthing? this not back to the future gang :weary:

nah fam the housing shortage in berlin is INSANE. there are no flats whatsoever. berlin needs to build about 100k homes asap


That hasn’t been my experience. I’ve had no problem finding a spot in the outer zones.