What happened to Mumdance?


Was thinking of how great his B2B with Powell on Rinse FM was and then went to check what he’s been up to. His last social media post is from more than a year ago. Kind of eerie. Just hoping this was a personal choice to step back from music and not something awful that happened in his personal life.


It’s a good question that. He has been super quiet


Been wondering about the same every month… he’s gone off the radar all of a sudden with no explanation or announcement. A couple years ago he was also supposed to release a solo EP, according to what I’ve read from a Mixmag excerpt. Hope he’s doing well atm, for sure he’s been on lockdown longer than all of us…


Had some personal issues I heard so stepped away for a bit.


Most likely a breakdown… Seems like he was relentlessly touring and using ALL CAPS for a period. Must be difficult going round the world having people sticking their tounges up your *** to not develop some sorta complex that could quite quickly spiral outta control…


Bumping this thread because I have always been curious what happened to this very talented individual. He recently posted an update that he was following an addiction recovery program over the years hence the silence. I’m glad he was able to get help.



A lot of his mixes newly archived here too https://www.mumdance.com/


That’s good to hear!


Yeeesssssss! So good, gonna get on that asap