What frequencies you pumping atm


Minimal house vibes



New Barker stuff https://soundcloud.com/ostgutton-official/sets/barker-barker001


What a trip, thank you.


Got this on 11 for the whole block to hear




Suffering from insomnia as of late and have been hitting up Bandcamp to help with that. Came across this gem of an album last night.

Stand out tracks for me:

  • Memoria

  • Macohna Low Disco

  • Alan Greenspin


Rediscovering A Made Up Sound https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOzMArlLa3g


crazy dope ambient beats here.



for anyone following the algo scene (or who think Ae are the only geniuses out there tossing off album length original compositions like it’s no big deal), this record just dropped yesterday and it’s stupid fucking good.


Sounds great but lol at it being almost 24 hours long.


lol it’s actually a steal…only a dollar an hour!



dark, rominimal techno


Noise In Opposition is dedicated to opposing fascism, misogyny, homophobia and other prejudice both within the noise and avant electronic music scenes and in the wider world. It is a record label, a multimedia project, a platform: whatever it needs to be. A labour of love and a matter of principle.



Space techno beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeets


Minimal techno vibes. Crazy af remix from Alicia Hush.