What frequencies you pumping atm


I mean it’s not “old” obviously. But I’m not anywhere near the cutting edge of music.




I’ve been making an intro mix to house music for my brother that’s resulted in me getting very into French Touch.


Obsessed with this mix


Heavily into this new one on Opal Tapes https://opaltapes.com/album/scan-deliver


Can I post this here? It’s a guest mix done for my show - not my mix so can’t post it in “my mixes” thread! It’s sick though


that honey sound queer steppas mix bought me back to some tunes i’d forgotten about.
thanks for posting.

in a good way, i’ve recently been falling asleep to this


badass. RIYL Slugs/Pellegrino, etc.


Oli XL has really cultivated a very unique aesthetic with his first Rinse FM residency mix. It goes over lots of styles and genres while maintaining a very coherent style.


Patrice Scott/Sistrum/2007 - coming back to this today for the first time in a while and its amazing



Man or Astro-man is such a sick band. saw these dudes way back in the wild weird 90s. they had all kinds of cool oscilloscopes sitting on top of their amps and stuff.


banger of a track. been listening to a lot of breakbeat-y stuff recently


A friend shared this track with me, it sounds like thousands and thousands of high pressure acupuncture needles flying at me all at once replacing my blood with petroleum or something and I love it


winter came on fast this year. this record always hits the spot when temps dip


incredible. title very misleading; thought it would be junk but—no surprise—this is amazing as usual…Ripatti is a master.


fxcking lush


thankful for this find


soundcloud has been blessing me lately