What frequencies you pumping atm


Batfinks - Ten (Omission Sound)

Dunno what to call this genre but its dark, sparse, sorta IDM stuff going on. One of my favorites that apparently not a lot of people have picked up on. Whole record is nice.



Really liking the new Raime EP right now

Been a big fan of what they’ve been doing post “Tooth” LP.


really pumped to see Stellar OM Source releasing new tunes…


Really loving everything Lord Tusk puts out


Cam’ron’s Purple Haze is one of my favorite rap records ever; today he released its sequel…

a few duds but still plenty of bangers. really hits the spot for me today.


holy fuck this release is amazing


this is a cute one, beginning reminds me of a oliver koletzki track


serious question: is this album utterly pretentious and therefore terrible or is it utterly pretentious but redeeming in lots of ways and therefore okay?


Leaning towards the latter but either way there’s some damn good tracks on it.


yeah I actually really like it. i just can’t with the album title :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:


shamefully this one is new to me




Om Unit always delivers




new release from the Flood label in Cork


Two kind of house-y things from both ends of the 90s.


Enjoying this at the moment https://evel.bandcamp.com/album/neural-synthesis