what are your "masterpieces"


what are some releases where you find every track is your favourite? there’s no reason to hit skip. you let the whole thing play through beginning to end and there was not a dull moment throughout. it speaks to your soul, somewhere deep inside you.

here’s mine

perfect in every way, and a great listen for when on a commute or travel; especially if at night and or people watching

took a little to warm to and i find it works better in earphones but once it clicked it’s one of the greatest things i’ve heard, my go to if walking home at night after drinks or whatever

Anthony Naples is one of the best producers around, dude is friends with and operates in a similar space as Huerco S. but with a much housier tinge. his latest LP called Take Me With You almost reaches this level of perfection as well

not much needs to be said about this one, truly a classic

Call Super makes the kind of techno that i want to hear. it’s beautiful, melodic, melancholic and atmospheric. one that can be thrown on and it all works flawlessly for whatever mood i’m in

that last track is wow and so are the rest. innovative stuff

my go to ambient album. new age influenced yet not cheese, love it to death. a nice apocalyptic feel at times too, goes well with reading pages on wikipedia


I was re-listening to Caribou’s “Start Breaking My Heart” last night and I think I’d probably put it in this category for me. I can understand why other people might not be into it quite as much, but for me it reminds me of a lot of nice memories. It also has that sort of naive innocence to the production that always makes me feel excited or in awe of what’s going on. It feels like every melody is stumbled upon and just happens to be great. I think it’s because of that that I never get sick of listening to it.


Mono No Aware by PAN


Sky H1 - Motion


i really love those two, especially the first half of Mono No Aware. Sky H1 is amazing all the way though

@sleepers giving the early caribou a listen, loving it. thanks for bringing it to my attention


murmuure - murmuure

but dk how much others on here would vibe

also not to diverge but i havent seen it posted anywhere much or discussed, the dedekind cut record, but anybody know stuff about his fuckery? ive heard hes got some assault bullshit on his taint as well as ripping off ppl (like apparently that collab with dirty beaches wasnt even notified by dirty beaches or something??)

im curious cuz i also enjoy that record alot, but hearing it makes me think about that kinda stuff. like the process - i question the process of how he really makes his stuff when it comes to hearing about him ripping ppl off and taking their shit and etc


hadn’t heard of lee bannon doing that, sucks if true. dude was primarily a hiphop producer though so being shady with samples is par for the course


In no particular order:

Sheer sonic brutality. Everything sounds incredibly crisp and heavy. I don’t know why but as far as that era of Mego’s output, this one has stuck with me the longest. The Inferno is a barbell on the chest level heavy.

This was the soundtrack in my teenage years for all sorts of things: daydreaming, sleeping, walking around in the snow, homework, chatting on AIM, everything. It’s like slipping into a warm bath, it just wraps itself around you and lulls you in.

Was my go-to work soundtrack for all sorts of menial and mind-numbing tasks for a 5 month stretch. I’ve said it in another thread but the tracks can just stretch on forever. Every piece is evocative and places me in some bizarro temporal zone that I can just zen out on. Exactly what I needed at the time.

I have some really really strong memories associated with this one, which is maybe a bias in my selection. Teenage love, getting snowblind at 5am around christmas, getting drunk with friends. All sorts of good memories come rushing back any time I hear this album. It’s a great bridge between the debut and tender buttons, but it has the sauce, as they say.

To be fair, you could put any of Scott Walkers first 4 albums in this place, but this one always hits me right in the heart. It’s raining today is such a beautiful opener/downer of a track, the arrangements are sublime, and it just leads you by the hand right in to the rest of the album. I’m never quite sure that Scott will get his total due, I know there’s a doc and a book and all that, but I feel like he rarely gets discussed out there in the grand discussion about music. That being said, he’s probably my all time favorite artist.

For a NON guy that isn’t terribly surprising. I called out Chino Amobi for basically stealing an entire Genocide Organ track and putting bullshit foley samples over it and trying to pass it off as his own. I let Tesco know about it and they C&D’ed him on it via soundcloud. When you’re trying to appeal to a community rooted in experimental music/noise, it’s probably not a wise idea to rip off one of the most prominent artists in the field.


@max-renn Scott Walker collab’d with Brady Corbet for his two films The Childhood of a Leader and Vox Lux. Both films are truly, truly great works of art

the intro song he made for the opening title card crawl in Vox Lux is mindblowing

and i love that album art for Scott 3


needs more reverb imho


links to the tracks by chino/genocide tracks? curious about this

i feel like im stirring a pot of drama or something with this, but with the proliferation of artists falling into the same shady schemes as commercial music i think its important to keep eyes peeled to this sh**. its sad ppl like this can succeed in an ecosystem built to reward the soul/sub conscious, but ego can still put serious wrenches in it


I don’t remember the name of the Chino track because it was deleted off his SC but it basically cribbed the entirety of “Dogday” off Remember, then added some explosion and other Foley fx bullshit on top. There were a couple of small blogs that were writing about it sounding “apocalyptic” or some such garbage. I made a snide comment on the track about who else he was gonna rip off and then messaged Tesco about it and they followed up.


dan snaith = winning