What are your favorite local parties doing right?


What local party/clubnight/promoter is killing it in your city and why?

What do you like about their party or events? Could be small things or large strategic reasons

Been thinking alot about small, fun, sustainable local parties and what makes them tick.


I’ll start:

A local techno promoter (https://www.instagram.com/lafemme.ennoir/) has been booking Midwest USA techno acts about every other month in an art gallery-type space. Here is what makes it consistently great for me, even though I am not exactly a techno head:

  • The sound is consistently thunderous (somehow other people in the same space don’t do it quite as well)
  • intentionally minimal stage and lighting (no screens, no elevated DJ booths – floor level only)
  • lighting wise, it is dark and foggy as fuck. way easier to get lost in the sound

Bonuses due to the venue they use:

  • The bar is in a separate from the dancefloor (dancefloor is dedicated to dancing, bar for chilling and drinking and talking – how it should be IMO)
  • there is an outdoor area to smoke/drink/chat/give your ears a break