Wanna go to a music fest... (need advice)


Been wanting to try going to a music festival for a while. The lack of interest from friends always kept me hesitant as I didn’t feel eager to go alone. But now I wanna try it regardless…

I have few festivals that seem interesting and I wanna hear you guys n gals thoughts on this. Whether these events or good or not, and whether its advisable to go alone or not…

The festivals that seemed interesting so far are:

  • Parklife
  • Field day
  • AVA
  • Dekmantel

Not sure which to go to. Reddit says Parklife is a bit trashy though it has the best line up for me. SONAR had an amazing line up a year or two ago but seems okay this year. Fieldday seems chill. Not sure really which to try…

I’m mostly interested in DJs but I like other types of music as well. I like most of the DJs playing in AVA but i wish there were few bands. What do you guys think? any other festivals you recommend?


Sonar and Dekmantel without a doubt - both fests curate lineups that are top tier

and deeeefinitely dont feel weird going alone, you will make friends guaranteed :slight_smile:


Yeah those seem to be the better ones. Thanks for the input! Would be really fun if 555-5555 does a meet up there at one of them haha


hell yeah meet ups are awesome - if i were you, Id take the initiative and plan one when you decide on a fest to attend !