Visiting London


Sup all,

Visiting London for the first time next week. Flying in from NYC. Reaching out for recommendations from my London heads! I’m interested in visiting records shops, clubs, bookstores, and museums. Also wanted to check any community-based spaces that revolve around music/arts/social scene that is particular to London. Any local local shit would be tight.

Also need to eat so wouldn’t mind knowing where the fire Indian/Jamaican/Middle Eastern/African spots are at! :sob::eyes:

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Last time I visited London it was to visit fam so I couldn’t really get a good enough time to check the best spots out and about. Regardless of this, Nandos is a must have when you go there for sure.


Disclaimer: I don’t live in London, and I don’t really know what’s cool. Apologies if any of the following is obvious or inappropriate.

That said, you won’t go far wrong knowing about these record shops:
Honest Jon’s is a must. They have two locations - one on Portobello Road, which also has a cool market, the other in Kings Cross.
Reckless Records on Berwick Street (Soho)
Sister Ray also on Berwick Street
Rough Trade has two locations, one on Portobello Road, the other just off Brick Lane.
Music & Video Exchange / Soul & Dance Exchange, Notting Hill.
There’ll be loads of cool stuff that I don’t know about around Dalston, Hackney and Shoreditch.

Books: Charing Cross Road has plenty of used book stores.

Museums: I love the V&A, and I absolutely love Dennis Severs’ House, but your mileage may vary.

Eating: don’t know, this all changes so fast that you have to be a local to give tips, really. But you can’t go wrong with a trip to Brick Lane. Bottom end you’ve got a load of Indian restuarants and Indian supermarkets. Middle bit you’ve got 93 Feet East, Rough Trade East etc, plus a load more Indian restaurants. Top end you’ve got two fantastic 24-hour bagel bakeries, all sorts of cool bars and independent vintage / art / design / clothing shops, the Boxpark and Flashback Records.

Clubs / art spaces: no idea, although I hear E1 and Printworks are good.


Music policy can vary quite a bit from night to night in most London clubs I’d say, but as a general rule of thumb the best ones atm imo are; Corsica Studios, The Cause, Grow, Unit 18 MOT, Pickle Factory, Five Miles,The Yard, Ormside Projects (when it has stuff on). All of those are small or medium sized and have good programming, so it really is just a case of looking at events and picking something that takes your fancy(& isnt too much of a trek). There’s also ones that I havent had the chance to go to yet like Giant Steps and Fold, that people I know have liked, so might be worth looking them up on RA also. Don’t bother with fabric, when it’s good it still can be really good (the sound system helps), but the crowd is generally terrible and the programming of late (esp saturdays) has become increasingly shit, so the chances of a good night atm are slim.

To add to @Llwch if you’re going to go to those two in Soho, you might as well also go to Sounds of the Universe, If and Phonica because they are like a 2 minute walk away. Love Vinyl another decent one. Rye Wax is small and (depending where you are) can be a pain to get to but they also put events on there.


Sick! Thank you. Will definitely check Brick Lane. Appreciate this.


Heard great things about Giant Steps. Thanks.


I might visit London my self. Whats the door policy for those you mentions in terms of entrance?


Generally London clubs, aside from snooty west end celebrity bars which are shit anyway, don’t tend to have door policies. Which, tbh, can be both a good or a bad thing (the ones I mentioned for the most part have decent crowds though). As long as you have ID, don’t turn up absolutely plastered and arent rude to the bouncers or anything it is fine.