Vessel // Queen Of Golden Dogs (Tri Angle)


Write up via RA gives some hints as to the direction of and inspiration for the album:

I’ve got his first album but never picked up the second, though I remember it sounded interesting when I listened. Curious to hear if the whole album is going to be in the direction of this first track…

Will be out in November, tracks is pretty nice, a bit different:


major bummer; Order of Noise was incredible but this sounds like a soundtrack for an Indiana Jones fight scene or something.


I’m a chamber music nerd and Punish, Honey had so many scraped, warped sounds from home-made instruments. I think this is gonna be mega for me.


i am very excited about this. one track in particular…


never heard this but the dynamics of this are insane. whoever mastered this needs major props

thanks for the post tho, never heard this dude before but i really like it


I thought topping Punish, Honey would be impossible but I can now confirm to be wrong.
I wasn’t really impressed with Argo when it came out, but Paplu absolutely blew me away. I cannot remember the last time I gasped at a piece of music, by the end I was clapping like a demented seal with my mouth open.
The video for it is out, creepy as expected.


^ oh fuck yeah this is grand


listened to this all the way through on headphones last night and it’s so immense. i haven’t heard anything quite like it, amazing


gave it a proper listen this morning. i think it bears many of the signature marks of his earlier work (in particular, that wild, off-kilter, feverish energy of Punish) so I’m not totally out on his so-called “new” sound. agree with @chalravens with the resemblance to Holden’s Inheritors in certain parts. all in all, really interesting work as usual…just wish I didn’t have to sit through the heavy-handed chamber flourishes to get to the weird electronics…the two elements don’t complement each other as much as they could (a la 0PN), in my completely subjective, humble opinion.


ok, have totally come around on this record. killer up and down. a significant accomplishment.


haha, love it when people come back just to say they’ve changed their mind

i can only imagine the buzz you’ve got off it in the interim

isn’t Paplu just mind-melting


“Paplu” is the centerpiece for. sure. and, yeah, I’m a grouch, just constantly on high-hype-alert (how can you not be), but I like to think I’m a reasonable person in the end :man_shrugging: