Venus X & Asmara // Putaria Maxima Vol 2: TROUBLE IN PARADISE // 12/06/18


New Mix from Venus X (GHE20G0TH1K) and Asmara (Nguzunguzu)

Background info from the SoundCloud…
“As dj/producers our goal was to create a classic mix that seamlessly mixes rap, dance, dembow and r&b among other genres from all the ghettos of the world…Brazil to Atlanta to Dominican Republic to Memphis to Mexico to Nigeria. Together we went to Brazil for some shows a few years ago and were fortunate enough to meet the baile funk MCs and producers of KL Produtora the most notorious label at that time largely responsible for the success of MC Bin Laden. Yuri Martins, who produced “Bo lo lo ha ha,” MC 2K and MC Pikachu took us into Helipa, one of the most dangerous favelas of Sao Paolo. We heard all the newest records and feel the energy that it created. While we were there we also linked with child prodigy MC Brinquedo and went with him to tour the poor countryside where drug dealers contract the baile funk MCs to come and do concerts that are free to the people, its like a community tax. You can only imagine the the response to the music was something we can never forget. During our trip we heard so much American rap in the streets we were shocked, we started to imagine baile funk MCs over rap beats and so we decided to do this mix. We were able to collect loops and samples and even recorded original vocals over some of our favorite rap instrumentals of that time in a very makeshift studio in a living room in Brinquedo’s favela and that led to the first Putaria Maxima mixtape. Here is part two, a political statement, full of the sinister and sexual energy that rules the world. We aim to offend everyone.”


I love everything Asmara is doing to be honest, probably to a very uncritical level, so I’m all over this. I like the direction she’s gone solo, a lot, but I’m still holding out hope for an NGUZUNGUZU EP or LP.