Venetian Snares & Daniel Lanois // Venetian Snares x Daniel Lanois (Timesig/Planet Mu)


I’ve never really liked Venetian Snares all that much, but I think his glitchy splatters fits pretty sweetly with Daniel Lanois’s stuff. They fill one another’s style out really well, imo.


I wanted to like this so much. would have loved to have seen Lanois pair up with someone who possesses a little more sensitivity to harmony, melody, and composition.


Yeah, I agree, it’s a bit off in lack of better words, like Venetian Snares is just blasting his stuff over Lanois and Lanois is trying hard to keep it together. I still quite like it though, but yeah, agreed, Lanois with the Marcia Blaine’s School for Girls crew would be amazing, if they were still around. :smiley:


The results of this are… patchy. Some of it works well. Other parts it sounds like two people having a loud argument.


revisited this release today. “Mothors Pressroll P131” is quite lovely. kind of hard to believe this was all done live.