Varg - Against The Clock


This was one of the few Against The Clock I’ve liked in a while, and although it seemed a little too prepared to begin with, it loosened up quickly and I have been curious to Varg’s production-style for a long time so it was great to see how he works.

There is something in his set-up that just makes everything sound sooo good. I’ll need to try out that reverb you can see him using in the video, Valhalla DSP / Valhalla Room, because that sounded really good!


oh boy, Varg is making some hot shit right now. can’t watch just yet but gonna peek his Valhalla parameters later


I thought this was dope.

Also I am glad FACT disabled the comments on these. Hypocritical for me to say because I am still so salty at RA for disabling theirs. But holy shit some of these against the clocks had the worst comment sections on the internet… “laptops are ruining everything” “what happened to REAL MUSIC” type shit from turtablists and classic rock dads who stumbled in there. Seems like a raw deal for artists who opt to put their process and skills out there this way.

I wonder how much artists get paid for these?


Gearlist used in the video:

Ableton Live (Autofilter/Simple Delay/Walhalla Room Reverb)
Elektron Digitone
Electronic Dream Plant (EDP) Wasp
Roland TR-808
Moog Mother 32
iPhone (audio from video)

I wish they told us more about the process, and how they worked while making the track. Always feel it’s cut short when they just stop the camera shortly after the 10 min is up.