Uniting sound and visuals?


I am wondering if anybody here combines their visual art with music or sound at all? Not as videos per se, but I am thinking more along the lines of interactive pieces. Anything that harmonizes design and audio. Whatever you have made, I’d love to hear about it.

I ask because I am currently working on some pieces that I have hosted on my own webpage, and was wondering if anyone is doing anything similar. For reference, these are the two works I myself have done: Singing Wavicles, Syntheogon. (Best played on a computer).

If anyone has anything to share, what prompted you do decide to use both together? What do you think is possible in designing what you are designing?


currently exploring career paths with audio/video /// video production/projections /// ive been a glitchy AV nerd for a while and am kinda running a one-person-show with my design/video/audio work at this point in my life.


great stuff!! what programs are you using?


mainly just adobe After Effects; a lot of the fuckery with the visuals is from source footage where i might record some AV mixer feedback loops (got some analog mixers i’ve been circuit bending, but most of the glitchy stuff in the gabber video was done with a Roland V1 and some HA-5/HI-5 sdi converters/sends loops/splitters and projected onto a brick wall and recorded w/ an iPhone.

it’s kinda a clusterfuck of digital video editing, analog and digital glitch/feedback loops, source footage, etc