UK rave scene, UK club scene, where are they going?


Sadly never been apart of it as much as i’d like due to where I live and not knowing the right people. However, I think we’re about to see a huge increase in illegal raves from September and on wards into the 2022 summer.
Not sure what it’s like else where in the world but over here in the UK we have to have two vaccine shots to be able to go into clubs and venues. I mean. That’s going to be fine, but, there are a looot of people against this so those people who are against having it will be left there with no venue or nightclub to go to. What are they going to do…? Where are 1000s and 1000s of people going to go? That release they so so need at the end of a working week will be ripped from them.

People are going to get up and create spaces for themselves, hoards of people wanting an escape from reality stampeding across fields and ditches chasing the pumping sound of the underground.
New artists will emerge and new Djs will be seen. New sounds will be born in the empty shell of the music scene that will without question, take a massive hit. People will be lost, confused, a part of their life they loved so much and a part of their life they so heavily relied on to keep sane will be swiped from them.

Speaking for myself now. I will be heavily effected by this change. I have my own reasons and my own judgments on why I am ‘choosing’ not to take these vaccines. For that reason I will be finding new ways of putting my own music out there when the time comes. And I will 10000% be looking at new ways of listening and new ways of finding other peoples music.

I think we’re coming to a huge cross road for the music scene. It’ll be interesting and definitely worth getting involved in no matter if you agree with the double shot entry or not.

May the pumping sound live forever within the mind of it’s creator and it’s listeners…

What are your thoughts?!


So far, more than 46.8 million people have had a first vaccine dose - nearly 90% of the adult population in the UK.. Your reasons for not taking a vaccine are your own, but I suspect most people will get on board with the vaccine rule pretty quickly.


The biggest age group for raves and the club scene is probs like 18 - 30 odd, from that article the % of people in that age group that has been vaccinated is around mid 50%.

but I suspect most people will get on board with the vaccine rule pretty quickly.

We’ll find out soon I suppose