Typography help


Hi everyone! Im new to graphic design and was hoping someone could give me some advice or help with typography. Also software, resources, fonts, etc. thank you.


Sounds silly but I’d just surf all the free sites (dafont / 1001fonts etc) as well as searching for ‘free type foundries’

Equally asking if people know the typefaces of designs you like if thats not too obvious of an answer


BeFonts is a good resource for typefaces that are generally free for all uses. The website basically collects fonts created and made available by users of Behance. There are usually a few gems in there for free or a small fee/donation. Definitely always check the usage terms though and pay your dues.

Try learning all the different parts and names of letterforms. Having that bit of knowledge will help a lot.


A good start is to check out some sites like dafont if you’re looking for public domain/free fonts (there are many). I don’t consider myself a part of the graphic design world too much, so I feel like it’s cool to simply edit some photos sometimes rather than focusing my time too much on the type of font I would like.


If you’re not sure about picking the right characters I’d recommend http://graphemica.com/


+1 for dafont.com. I use it all the time.


Awesome, thanks guys! :grin:





I feel like the people in this thread (especially @jljl) have done a great job of talking about free font options, so I wanted to bring up some of the other plethora of non-free options out there, in case you’re able to make use of those.

If you want fonts you have to pay for, but not a lot of money, Fontstand is a great option – they let you rent fonts for just as long as you need to use them, and if you rent them for long enough, you own them. This option is great for static graphic design work (i.e. anything that’s being saved as a static image or printed onto paper) and webfonts (which you can also rent), but if your use case is something different (using it in a film or as the main typesetting for a novel? Something weird?) it’s not your best option. They do use DRM similar to TypeKit that prevents you from sharing those font files easily with clients. If the font you want is available here, and your use case is well suited for what they do, this is a great option. https://fontstand.com

Fontspring is another great non-free vendor – they don’t offer renting, but they do offer demo versions for many fonts, as well as an approach to licensing that means that they’ll work with you to get exactly the license you need for whatever you’re doing. Font licensing can be really iffy, depending on your use case (doing a WebGL installation? Putting it in an app? Selling an eBook? All of these need different licenses…) so it can be nice to know that someone exists who will actually work with you to make a custom license for what you need. https://www.fontspring.com

Here are some other good resources that you might appreciate reading if you’re just getting into design work:

“The Basics of Typography”, WebFX blog: https://www.webfx.com/blog/web-design/the-basics-of-typography/
“Which font? The Voice of Typography”, DT&G: http://www.graphic-design.com/Type/voice/index.html

Always make sure to check the licensing terms of any font you use, even free fonts you got from a free font website. Not adhering to them can put you at risk of legal action, which sucks, but it’s the way the law works.