tribe of colin + rainer veil + east man + kelman duran // band on the wall // MCR 29/11/19


On FRIDAY, 29/11, we present a ridiculous lineup that even we have trouble getting our heads around, at BAND ON THE WALL, in MANCHESTER:

  • the enigmatic TRIBE OF COLIN, fresh from releasing an incredible album on Honest Jon’s Records
  • the legendary EAST MAN, aka BASIC RHYTHM, who will be blessing us with the heaviest dubplates and classic grime
  • RAINER VEIL, who recently released their brilliant debut album on Modern Love
  • KELMAN DURAN, whose edits, albums and EPs (if you can find them) have achieved cult status over the past few years…

At least 30% of the profits will go to The Christie and The Boaz Trust, so be there. Bless.