Traumprinz / Prince Of Denmark / DJ Metatron / DJ Healer / Prime Minister Of Doom


So I’m finally listening to the new DJ Healer and Prime Minister of Doom albums. I first came across his projects as Prince of Denmark, via mixes for Little White Earbuds and his RA mix, I believe before all the hype caught up to him. His first POD album The Body remains a highlight of 10’s techno and minimalism. As he’s shapeshifted over the years some parts of me have wanted to be cynical, but I can’t. There’s a certain naivety to his music and public image, which I’m aware he has cultivated, but is held up by the quality of music he makes.

What does everyone else think?


The DJ Metatron / Healer axis actually reminds me a lot of Stars of the Lid / Eluvium style ambient.


Never really lived up to the hype imo. It’s all right but slightly generic sounding. There’s a certain naive romanticism about it that has appeal tho


I thought it was overhyped when I first heard about the giegling lads but years later(many parties later) I realised how good some of those tunes sound in a room full of people and revisited others I never had the pleasure to hear someone spin only to find I actually love Traumprinz.

I think I acquired a taste for minimal after hearing it done right.

I Love Ya
I’ll Never Let You Alone


8 wasn’t revelatory but was still pretty decent, and while i respect his right to be idiosyncratic i’ll admit having 32(?) different versions of it floating around does kinda irk my completionist side just a little

i keep meaning to listen to more of his stuff bc on top what i’ve known of his music so far being good, the… aesthetic context? in which he’s presenting his stuff feels endearing rather than aloof or anything


I love sentimental dance music when it’s done right, so DJ Metatron/DJ Healer is perfect for me. Already posted in the mix thread but DJ Metatron’s This Is Not mix is perfect:

I’m a little bit underwhelmed with DJ Healer so far despite having listened to it a ton. I can’t quite put my finger on why yet. We Are Going Nowhere is a gorgeous track. The record might be underwhelming because I’m listening to a bad rip? I would pick up a repress in a heartbeat. Does anyone know the source of the leak? I know POD- 8 is supposed to have had a proper leak by him. Wondering if the DJ Healer leak is a vinyl rip or proper files.


i’ve loved his music since the first time i came across it, in a Prince of Denmark Giegling mix. the best of his work comes through in mixes, but for me the most recent DJ Healer album is one of the best albums i’ve heard all year. that and Skee Mask — Compro.

the best electronic music has heart and soul conveyed through expansive atmosphere and the subtle layers of sound. even in minimal work like Traumprinz / POD / Metatron / Healer / PMOD. music that makes you feel sad and at peace simultaneously, that repeatedly builds tension only to release it again to create a sense of calm euphoria.

‘We Are Going Nowhere’ is an incredible tune.


100% agree. I can’t stop going back to both the DJ Healer album and Skee Mask. DJ Healer is so comforting and We Are Going Nowhere is an absolute highlight. Praying I don’t miss the repress whenever it comes.


yeah if you spot it before me snag two and i’ll buy it off you! ha


Artist of the Year 2018 for me, keep going back to the Planet Uterus and Planet Lonely mixes…they’ve been the soundtracks to my days at home and nights walking alone, respectively.


Man I hope some new stuff comes out soon, keep going back to all of this artists output and it’s so incredible.