Trance inspired is the new Lo-fi House


Pretty much seems to be the trend to make trance inspired music ironically from Dinamarca, to Lorenzo senni, to trance wax.


I see your point. Although imo trance has been steadily prevalent in the past couple of years, especially in 2015 with Jack U / Evian Christ etc.

At least trance hasn’t completely taken over the youtube algorithm like Winona lol. And a lot of trance is so amazingly produced instead of a lot of the 128kbps low quality (in both bitrate and in production value) lo fi house. I rate some of Lorezno Senni’s tracks.


this is a total reach tbh !

a new generation of producers drawing on Europe’s edm heritage is hardly a surprise and a lot of it has lead to pretty innovative fusion sounds. its really not as if trance inflected stuff has reached the insane levels of saturation and repetitiveness as ‘lo-fi’ house

saying that Lorenzo Senni makes the music he does ‘ironically’ is a big joke lol


I forgot to mention Evian Christ thanks for reminding me. I wouldn’t say Jack U counts in what I mean. Jack U is EDM and all the EDM artists have been making Trance influenced music for a while like Avicii or Nicky Romero, Swedish House Mafia, etc. I’m talking about “underground” dance music making it kinda ironically (at least from the way sites like RA write about it that’s what it seems).

other than Sennni, I would hardly call it innovative, Evian Christ’s style basically comes from the Dipset Trance Party mixtapes you can find on Datpiff, moobahton did a lot of stuff Dinamarca and friends were doing before. Trance Wax is just remixes of old Trance songs with updated drums.

I honestly don’t know if he makes music ironically but the way he talks about Trance kinda makes it seem like he does, also the way all the blogs talk about his music makes it seem like he does. Just go to the Tranceaddict forums and you’ll see they hate him for it.


Personally I prefer “ironic” lo-fi house over this.


This is not too surprising. It makes sense. But the Lorenzo Senni track, I like it a lot, while has production, it doesn’t strike me as standard trance track, so I welcome that.

I feel every genre has the good and the shit. I heard some really well produced ‘lofi’ inspired tracks so.