Track ID Thread


Ive been searching for this one for a while with no luck. Its the first track, CMYK remix.


Sounds like this one:


Yes heavy, thanks mate!


Can anyone give me any insight at all to the second track in this mix, been looking for quite some time, thanks!


This the one ?


That’s the one. Thank you so much


I’ll just hijack this thread to keep track ID requests contained within this thread, hope that’s alright.

I’m currently trying to find a track that Kobosil played at berghain today towards the end of his set.
It’s pretty hard hitting techno with distorted vocals saying “if you can('t) make it here you can('t) make it anywhere”
I know this is not a very detailed request but I figured with some luck someone here will know what I’m talking about :slight_smile:


Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone can help me ID some or most of Side B of the Blackest Ever Black mixtape “Truth or Dare in North America.”

I found one of the track IDs once and I lost it (forgot, perhaps computer restarted and I lost the bandcamp link)… and it’s driving me crazy. But would also like to know the other tracks on that side of the tape!

Any help would be greatly appreciated! <3