time 2 get funky


greatest hits and slept-on gems

my 1st underground love


play this in most sets tbh


I still clearly remember, this was the first “UK Funky” track I’ve ever heard. I’ve spent a good amount of the later months of 2012 finally getting dubstep and the ecosystem around it, and as such I was following a lot of the labels that were a foundation to the scene. Tectonic was one of them, and this one particularly caught my attention for being so leftfield to my tastes. People were describing this track as " '04 Youngsta dubs meets Roska" or something similar, early dubstep dread atmospherics within the context of UK Funky drum patterns. Of course I didn’t know any better but it still really blew my mind. Beneath is still one of my favorite producers. I now know that UK funky’s generally not a dark genre though.

This track captivated me on the first listen. It brought what made dubstep so fun (dark vibes with attention to drum work) with a sense of hypnotically rolling rhythms associated with slower BPMs. To me this track was like looking into the future.


Wonder what Alex Coulton is up to right now… he released a lot of bangers (all his 12"s on Tempa + that one superb track on Wisdom Teeth) and seemingly disappeared after his last EP.


my fave beneath:

imho his more recent stuff became a bit too jarring and less danceable for me