Tim Maughan // Infinite Detail (cyberpunk fiction in Bristol/NYC)


Really loved this book from Tim Maughan, and it feels quite relevant to interests here. All about a near-future world in which the Internet has inexplicably shut down, and a cast of characters anchored by an art/technology experiment in Bristol that involved the formation of private networks. Also, Tim’s deep love of classic jungle/rave comes up in many lovely ways.

Worth checking out! Here on Goodreads


This sounds awesome, thanks!


sounds wicked. on my list to get after wrapping up my current commitment…two books into the Southern Reach trilogy (also an FSG original) so far and loving it…picked up on recommendation here of all places :wink: (thanks Logos!)


This sounds incredibly dope and up my alley. Gotta que this up as my next novel to read.

On a related note, are there any other rave/jungle/dance music related nivels you guys know of or would recommend? I vaguely remember opening up a book at a bookstore once as an early teen and it opened with a description of the main character programming a beat on a drum machine and bouncing around the room. I’ve been looking online for years to try to figure out what book that was but to no avail.


it’s not quite rave related, but William Gibson’s Idoru has some fun takes on the pop music industry. It’s also one of my favorite of his books - though I would read Virtual Light first (and then complete the trilogy with All Tomorrow’s Parties!)


Virtual Light was a bit of a snooze but pretty cool. definitely prefer the original Sprawl trilogy…so unique.