Tim Hecker // Konoyo (Kranky)


Speechless over this latest Tim Hecker album, so I’ll default to this interview he did with The Japan Times to tell you all about it:

Rather than commit to a sonic arms race, Hecker chose restraint. His latest album, “Konoyo,” is possibly the most understated thing he has produced to date, and certainly the most unexpected. It’s based on recordings he made in Tokyo last year, working with a small group of musicians specializing in gagaku, Japan’s ancient court music.

I’m an enormous fan of Hecker’s past albums (Virgins especially) and of gagaku, so this was a match made in heaven for me. Have you listened yet? What did you think?


Got this lined up for later. Looking forward to it


on repeat (loud) all weekend. best thing he’s done since Haunt Me (my personal fave). unreal.


Heard the two early tracks in the month or two since the album was announced and wasn’t too into them, but I listened to this all the way through today (well, on a free Spotify account so more like with Home Depot ads cut in every few songs lol) and rather enjoyed it. Wasn’t feeling the final track for the most part, but the end of it is pretty nice. Definitely worth revisiting again soon.


Got to end.
Put it back to the start.

I almost never do that.

Bought it on vinyl too. That art work is too good