Things That Drive Me Up A Wall

  1. making a heart shape out of your hands
  2. using the word “feels” as a noun
  3. labeling your music “devotional” on Bandcamp


1: my computer crashed as i opened this topic
2: ordered a vanilla shake earlier from mcdonalds and the girl didn’t fill it up 2 the top so i said look, fill it up pls as i opened the lid but then i got shake all over my fingers. she took it and disappeared into the drive through recess for about 3 minutes. i stood there with vanilla shake which looked like cum on my fingers with no napkins in sight. she came back with the same level of shake in the cup.
3: anti intellectualism

  1. My girlfriend interrupting me listening to something every 3 minutes to tell me something that wasn’t terribly important.
  2. My cat interrupting me listening to something every 5 minutes to meow incessantly to get pets and flop around my feet
  3. QuIrKy LoL sO rAnDoM/referential DJ/producer names (DJ Seinfeld, Ross From Friends, DJ Bus Replacement Service)

  1. Ben Shapiro
  2. My laptop crashing before saving my 1.5 hour jam
  3. Dj’s not crediting the artists they play

  1. stupid “genres” that exist only on soundcloud / youtube
  2. i hate to even say this phrase but “producer twitter”. Not necessarily talking about all people who produce music on twitter, but more so revolving around young producers who affiliate themselves with soundcloud scenes. soundcloud people. A lot of them are so egotistical and chat a lot of shit. I can go on for a while but I’ll leave it at that :upside_down_face:
  3. people who repost way too much on soundcloud. I had to unfollow literally everyone who done this. no mercy.
  4. Discogs has apparently deleted some of my comments :confused: guess I chat too much breeze myself lol.

2nd reason is a big one imo. It’s the reason I started liberally using the block button on social media a lot. I highly recommend it.


Blue Monday, supposedly. As good a time as any to air a grievance.

The idea that the dickhead in the MAGA cap, with that smile which begs to have faeces scraped across it, responded ‘via a PR firm’


Entitled white, daily mail-type bitch (and his wife, but less so) who refused to get up from the seat i’d booked on a London to Birmingham train, despite there being plenty of others available (of course I could’ve done the same, but fuck him) because “someone else sat in our seat on the last journey”



I’m no detective but, based on the responses so far, I’m deducing that cat people are more irritable, generally speaking.


You mean they’re like… cats?


Nah I was irritable with low patience well before I got a cat. I just want to listen to my tunes with no interruptions.


what annoys me is more than this is soundcloud itself.
they fucked up all good functions. it would be such an easy thing to provide good filter for the stream. the usability of sending messages is shit. they killed groups.


i quite like some parts of the album!


i’d love a dog but they’re expensive, like one of those shiba inu’s would be great. imagine the happiness!


Brussels city council/mayors

Brussels & Antwerp cops (rest of them in Belgium can be quite well behaved)

Defeatist people

People who think economy is a science


DMT vape pens

phones anywhere in a club other than a smoking section

the police

not leaving the dinner table to take a phone call

white suburban rap fans using the n word

probably something else related to phones


when people touch my computer monitor :rage:


noisy neighbours

cold weather


thankfully I just moved to a top floor apartment so I no longer have to be subjected to neighbor noise…whew


People in Youtube how-to videos who tells you their life story and what they had for dinner, breakfast and what their last dog was called before getting to the fucking point … :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


when did “trope” all of a sudden become everyone’s favorite word? i literally cannot go a day without reading it in a press release or review or hearing it on a podcast or something. generally speaking, using a trope of some sort is, like, not a thing you want to aspire to do. what in the actual fuck.

also, i’m tired of seeing Billie Eilish’s tongue. put it back in your mouth already. gross.


“Transformational Experience” :roll_eyes: