They called it Skweee ... but what now? [Synthesizer Music, Global Bass, House, ... inside ]


So I’m still a big fan of this wonderful Micro-Genre called Skweee that got attention for short moment and seems to be dead and forgotten right now … or not? Of course most of the artists are still making music and some (or even most) of them went in other directions, so I guess I’m going to post some stuff that most of the magazines and blogs are not covering … imho it should be pushed more because there’s so much amazing music evolving out of this scene. It’s full of Synthesizers, Weird Ambient, Global Bass, House and more.

Feel free to add new and old stuff you like and want to share too!

  1. Ya Tosiba: A project by DJ Zuzu and Mesak, where they blend a traditional style from Azerbaijan called Meykhana with modern beats. Check out their album “Love Party”:

“Maşın” is maybe one of may alltime favourites:

  1. European Music Label has a similar idea, but looks out for different mostly east european sounds. I post some excerpts, check out

  1. Joxaren, label-boss of European Music, released this wonderful EP with help of Portlands Ausland Schläge:

Synths, Bass, Melodies, Weirdness, Summer Vibes - it’s all in there!

  1. Center of the Universe is going far more towards house and disco but has also some “global” influences.

Acid Rembetiko is a big one on this nice 7":

But on the flip you find this nice jam:

And the other 12" is even a bit more housier:

btw calling a Maxi-Single “Maxi-Single” is genius ^^

  1. Andi Otto has a two albums out, where he’s exploring more of India’s music culture:

  1. Berlin based Karl Marx Land Records are still doing the 7"-thing and it’s still fun listen to the funk!

  1. … and the head behind Karl Marx Land is doing also some far out modular ambient music: Check out Edition Schulze:

  1. When it comes to weird ambient: Trauma Trauma is a project from Skweee-inventor Pavan. If you love Synthesizers give this a shoot:

  1. And then some swedish guys did this wonderful compilation with strange music that is made for children and got nominated for the swedish grammy … uuhm, dunno what happened there … but it’s wonderful, check out the cute weird sound of Beem,
    Monolåg and Tvärvägen for example :slight_smile:

So long for now. Next post is coming soon I guess. :wink:


Skweee! Never got super deep into it but I definitly remember the cover art and synth squeals! It was mostly located in Finland, right? Never am sure where to start with that genre but I guess these are then names of the artists I need to?

Great post!


Yes, mostly Sweden,Finland and Norway, but there are producers and labels everywhere. I’m coming back to it later :wink:


Yes, yes, yes. I need a Skweee fix.

  1. Ausland Schläge
    is a label from Portland / Oregon that put out the Joxaren 10" / Tape I mentioned under 3.
    I think they have a nice selection of sounds that have some kind of Skweee-background but are also going towards different directions.

Here are some other releases they did in the last couple of years:

(and the artwork is amazing too!)


ok, next one is about another label called …

  1. … Ancient Robot
    Based in Montreal they also look into different directions.

This two compilations are still in my recordbag most of the time:

What does Juke/Footwork sound like in a Skweee-way?

and what about Dancehall?

Altough the newer releases have more in common with IDM, Ambient and Synthesizer music you also can hear some quirky Skweee-influences here and there.

Fade Runner did a very dreamy EP that is also quite funky:

Gonima’s sound features much more glitches:

… while Fever Loop celebrates analogue synthesizer jam sessions:

In 2018 this EP by Dimitris Palikaris is taking you to outer space directly:

  1. So this post is about Beem, who released a new single from his forthcoming album.

“Forward Moves” features John Robinson from Scienz of Life on the mic. It’s an almost dark Hip Hop-Track where you still can hear some echoes of Skweee:

“Submersion” is a more deranged Synthesizer-Jam including a funky bassline - lovely:

So … never heard of Beem? Maybe you should check out his music, f.e.

  • his kind of tropical sound on “Sunrise 1:30” EP from 2016:

  • this wonderful electro-funkish tune:

  • his album “Beem sings with his hands” which was released on Flogsta Danshall:

  • and also his tracks on different compilations like this one:

  1. Troutski 4 Ever
    compiles 19 tracks dedicated to Troutski.
    I post some excerpts, check out the full album here.


@zurkonic I’d say this is the best place to start.

But hats off to @kid_kozmoe for checking in on this best of microgenres. Super underrated stuff imo.


Just watched We Call It Skweee on Vimeo, a documentary about the Skweee scene and a showcase/soundclash at Sonar 2008. Would recommend!


oh yes, it’s a nice documentary!


In memory Perttu Häkkinen aka Randy Barracuda 1979-2018


Beem just released his new album featuring Bahamadia and John Robinson. Experimental digital brash funk.


RIP brother.


For all the Skweee heads I repost this:

“Here’s a chance to help the family of a beloved friend, musician and a thinker Randy Barracuda. Get yourself some very nice garments and show support.
All profits will go to Perttu Häkkinens family.”

So if you want a shirt with some Skweee-/Harmönia-/Randy Barracuda-/Imatran Voima-artwork check this out:


Time for update. Center of the Universe just released new music:

my faves are