The perennial question


If your music were a plant, what would she be?


the only gardenin i do is with hoes


onion plant: makes you cry


i think cactus cus theyre cute but kinda mean.



mines Nepenthes robcantleyi


Though not technically a plant, I’d still say kelp, because it’s deep, rubbery and a bit weird


Here are some screenshots from my Ableton arrangement view:


Pretty wild.



Lichen, in that I’m gross and mostly made of fungus and dank


Didn’t Aphex make a tune called ‘Lichen’ too?


*technically not a plant but im the zombie mushrooms that come out of cordyceps hosts …


I think in spirit I would want it to be something that lasts for a long time, like a pine tree.


Some sort of bonsai tree. But a sickly bonsai tree that doesn’t get enough light or water, if I’m honest.


Here’s a picture of a music legend in his favourite club:


A Watermelon tree



[couldnt get photo to load from phone]


it would have to be a Monkey puzzle tree




my name is ivy

the name of my label is hedera arts co-op


:leaves: :green_heart: