The Other (Bigger) Dance Music


hey fellas
haven’t been here in a minute. read this nice article by First Floor (as usual with great critical pieces). wanted to share it with yall

any thoughts?


I think he’s spot on, it’s sort of a symptom of the atomization internet journalism creates.

There’s not a centralized source for EDM or Big Biz Techno news the way there used to be with DJ Mag or Mix Mag, and RA sorta took that helm with “underground” sounds.

But then in a world of silos and algos what is underground is mainstream to you if that’s all you know…there’s a whole world of huge festivals and raves like TomorrowWorld and Electric Daisy Carnival that used to be a lot of kids first fall down the wormhole…lately it’s likely a series of mixes and a YouTube binge followed by subscriptions to socials and IG binges of whatever scene they wanna mimic…not good or bad just the way it be