The History of Basic Channel


Really good write up on the history of Basic Channel over on RA for the label’s 25th anniversary. Great jump in point for anyone who might not be familiar with this crew’s superb output:


This reminds me! I think some here might be already aware of this man’s work but in case not: Dub Monitor often mentions Basic Channel and their influence on Dub Techno as well as other interesting stories. I strongly recommend this channel as his digging is super detailed and carefull! :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, Basic Channel’s influence on dub techno is like water’s influence on the Pacific Ocean - HUGE! I’ll check that vid out too, haven’t seen that before! Cheers!


Can’t wait to check that video out!

Mark Ernestus and Hard Wax influence on just about everything is huge.

That Mad Mike fax from the article is one of the best things ever… “they were quite pissed but you know I don’t give a fuck!”


Its absolute gold that :slightly_smiling_face:


been absolutely bingeing this dudes videos. They’re all so good. Thanks for sharing.

Worth mentioning that the author is the artist Altstadt Echo, who makes and releases some incredible steppy techno himself.


Been watching quite a few of his vids since you put me onto them! Really enjoyed the one on Deepchord. I’ll totes check their stuff, dude is well steeped in the Techno knowledge :slightly_smiling_face:


haha i’m really happy you guys got into his vids!! i’ve been wanting to share it with someone for a while. i’m excited about what hes going to document next!


Glad to see Dub Monitor vids on here. They’ve been a great addition to more general web articles. A great channel and very BASSic . :rofl: Anyway I’ve got some Dub Techno articles and fav’s attached on our list here.